Mourinho’s Chelsea Broke Manchester City Winning Streak At Home

Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea FC has blown the title race open after defeating Manchester City in their own turf. The nil to one scoreline suggests little of the London side’s superb performance against an unusually lackluster City.

Prime Counter-Attacking Football

Mourinho's ChelseaMany believed Mourinho would try to negate City’s powerful strike force by “parking the bus.” This was after the manager’s rant when they drew against West Ham in which he said the opposition played “19-th century football.”

The visitors showed they can match the home side and more. They contained City’s advances and wreak havoc on the break. Defender Branislav Ivanovic’s strike in the first-half was enough to send the Blues level with City on points.

Belgian Wonder

Eden Hazard was unplayable in the match. He always darted forward to the City’s defensive line yet was committed to track the ball and forced errors from the opposition players. Under Mourinho, he clearly improved and still looks to grow as a world-class footballer, worthy to be ranked among Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Despite the win, Mourinho said his team is still developing and that City and Arsenal remain the favorites to win the league.

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