More than a Hobby: From Pastimes to Careers

Pastime HobbyIt has been said that everybody needs a hobby. Hobbies relieve stress from work and turn downtimes productive. On another note, everybody needs a job too. Hobbies do not pay for themselves. And while these two may be considered mutually exclusive for the most part, there are instances where they can merge and be the same thing. What you do for leisure and enjoyment can also be what you do for a living.

So, do you feel like doing what you love and get paid handsomely for it? Here are three pastimes and hobbies that can easily translate to a career.

Engineering and Tech

Some people feel the need to master technology. They get the urge to tinker to gadgets and equipment even during childhood. You might have noticed some kids piece apart their toys just to see how they work. Those who enjoy these typically take electronics, mechanical, automotive and computer disciplines as hobbies. For instance, people who are particularly skilled with computers and electronics build their own robots. This can translate to a career in the automation and robotics industry.

Those who take a interest in metalwork, say those who buy steel tubing and sheets then hammer them into ornaments or practical tools, may have the right stuff to go to mechanical engineering school.

Culinary Arts

Many people indulge in good food. Some take it a step further and actually get in the kitchen to cook. There are people who take genuine joy in learning the culinary arts. Starting from the simplest of dishes to restaurant-worthy entrees, home cooks learn a great deal. This knowledge can help propel one to eventually go to culinary school, start a restaurant, diner, or a catering service.

Language and Linguistics

One of the primary mediums of communication is writing. Some people take to writing as a form of self-expression, while others just have a story to tell. Those who distinguish themselves as wordsmiths can eventually pursue careers in journalistic writing, creative and technical writing, and content marketing.

Sometimes hobbies are not just leisurely pastimes. They can become much more if you put the hard work and commitment to it.

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