More Than 50% of Small Businesses in the US Have a Zero Budget for SEO, Survey Says

Digital Marketing With the rise of digital marketing, you would think that every business is taking advantage of the benefits of being online — but that’s not the case, just yet. As a matter of fact, a recent survey revealed that 46% of small, local businesses don’t prioritize SEO in their marketing budget and the remaining 54% don’t even have a budget for SEO.

SEO Levels the Playing Field

Many news and articles about SEO have already talked about its benefits for small businesses. With SEO strategies, you can have a strong presence online even if you’re not as popular as the big brands. In a way, SEO evens out the playing field for both small and big players in the business industry. As long as you know how to maximize the potentials of SEO, you can compete with the larger competitors online. Unfortunately, almost half of the small businesses in the country are still not aware of this.

SEO Expectations Don’t Align with Reality

The recent survey also revealed surprising facts about the expectations of small businesses on SEO. Only two percent of the participants expect to spend more than $3,000 a month to get major SEO results, while 38% stated they only need to spend $99 a month to see their sites on the first page of Google — and this is where expectations don’t align with reality.

Usually, a single SEO campaign involves different projects, such as web development, content marketing, and more. SEO campaigns cost from $1,000 to $5,000 in a month, depending on the number of projects the agency has to work on. Though SEO services cost more than a hundred dollars, they bring huge benefits to the search visibility of a website.

In the SEO arena, as with any other business, you get what you pay for — or don’t pay for, in the case of more than 50% of the small businesses in America. The astonishing results of the survey may serve as a wake-up call for the SEO professionals to continue reaching out to the small enterprises needing a boost in their online marketing.

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