Media Relations vs. Public Relations: What’s The Difference?

media relationsPeople get confused with the terms media relations and public relations. Though similar, they serve different purposes.

Cook + Schmid explains that public relations is crucial in building solid reputation for the company while media relations is a powerful tool to increase public awareness of the brand while influencing behavior. While both concepts require an understanding in communicating the business, public relations and media relations are different in both function and approach.

Media Relations

Media relations involves working with the media to inform the public of your company’s mission, policies, products or services in a positive manner. Media relations staff interact with journalists in television, radio, print, and online fields to communicate a company’s newsworthy stories and information. This entails the writing and distribution of press releases, holding press conferences, and the like.

Professionals utilize communication tactics to build strong, effective working relationship with members of the media. They establish rapport with media professionals to learn the jobs, their needs, and the priorities of those who work for media outlets.

Public Relations

Public relations, or loosely known as PR, is the science of communicating with the public with whom an organization has a relationship. The “public” in this sense pertains to investors, employees, customers, and may include normal people. This seeks to persuade them to maintain a certain point of view, especially positive, about their products and services.

PR strategists use creative storytelling to portray the company’s perspective and gain public exposure. This engaging tactic makes the story more ingrained to the listeners. A good PR campaign helps a company understand its customers and provide helpful solutions.

Though different, public relations and media relations are both excellent ways to reach potential customers, clients and investors. As they say, “It’s just about the getting the people at the right place at the right time.”

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