Man Climbs Fence, Runs Into Plane

Southwest_Airlines_planeRobert Edward Bump, 49, has been arrested after climbing a fence at the Phoenix Airport on Christmas day.

Climbing a Fence

The man also ran out to a plane that had just been landed, authorities said. According to Phoenix police spokesman James Holmes,Bump got onto the taxiway around 5:30pm and started banging on the engine of a Southwest Airlines plane. Holmes also said that there were no injuries reported, and passengers were all safe.

Showing Signs of Drug and Alcohol Impairment

Employees at the airport’s tower had seen the man scaling the fence and running onto the tarmac and then the taxiway near Terminal 3. They immediately alerted the pilot about what’s going on. The pilot then turned off the engines before he reached the plane.

According to Holmes, Bump showed signs of drug and alcohol impairment. He was booked on a misdemeanor charge for entering a restricted area. 

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