Loving the Stacked-Bracelet Trend: Tips for Better Layering

girl wearing nomination braceletPutting together the perfect ensemble is important, yes, but you also have to make sure to match the right types of accessories. This is especially true if you plan to follow the stacked-bracelet trend.

Stacking bracelets is popular not just in street style fashion, but also on the runway—proving that when it comes to wearing these accessories, “more is more”. The trend involves wearing different kinds of bracelets at once, including bangles, beads, cuffs, leather and fringed wraps, vintage charms, and even Nomination bracelets. Some even add watches, pearls, and embellished friendship bracelets to the combo.

Assembling an arm party, however, isn’t easy. You need to take different metals, shapes, textures, and colours into account. Follow these tips to come up with a fun, cohesive combo:

Choose a Centrepiece

The easiest way to start your arm party is selecting one piece to work around. It can be a vintage watch, statement bangle, chunky bracelet, or a fringe wrap. Work around your accent piece by adding smaller accessories, such as thin bracelets, beads, and pearls. A big gold watch makes for an excellent accent piece and is best paired with a leather band and vintage metal bracelets.

Mix Different Metals

Copper, gold, silver, and rose gold—metals don’t have to match anymore. In fact, modern fashion encourages mixing different kinds of metals in an outfit. So start stocking your jewellery box with bracelets of different metals. Look for Nomination bracelets for sale in gold and silver, and buy pieces in unique designs.

Layer Thin with Thick

If you don’t have a statement piece to work around, layer your jewels by size and thickness. Thick bangles are best paired with thin gold and silver bracelets, while braided leather wraps usually worn by men look great with vintage accessories, pearls, and beads. Be as creative as you can when pairing, but make sure the combination looks balanced.

The stacked-bracelet trend helps bring out the fun in every outfit. It enlivens the simplest look and breathes new life into the most boring ensemble.

About the Author

As a New York-based psychologist. Thelma Scott has conducted several seminars tackling adult autism.