Loud and Proud: The Reality of Expressing School Pride

custom apparelYou’ve seen it in the movies: varsity colors flashing as excited students punch the air or smear their faces with different shades of red, blue, white or yellow. Films such as “High School Musical”, “Sky High” and “Bring It On” remind you of a very familiar theme: school pride.

When most people hear the term school pride, they immediately think of waving school colors or attending sporting events. But expressing one’s love for one’s alma mater goes deeper than just banners or Facebook statuses. It is also an expression of self.

How students express school pride

From key chains to cheers, students never run out of ways to express their love for the school. Some express school unity through various means like printing school shirts from custom apparel companies such as customthread.com.

Others decorate material possessions with school colors or customized items. Schools often provide students and alumni with custom-made products such as bumper stickers, cups, shirts, and pens.

The underlying reality of school pride

Underneath all cheers and shirts, expressing pride gives an individual the sense of belonging to something greater than himself. School pride also provides an adrenaline rush combined with the sense of camaraderie and hint of competition against others.

School pride also equates to living the school’s mission and vision. When you say you practice school pride, you adhere to your school’s goals. It also means renewing your commitment for your education and serving the school through numerous means.

Understanding the importance of alma mater pride

Active school spirit is essential in improving any student’s commitment to education. It also plays a crucial role in improving the school’s environment, which includes programs and activities for students. School pride serves as an effective measure of a school’s performance with students and their desire to participate. If students are active participants, it means the school’s programs are effective.

School spirit is more than banners and colored shirts — it is a vital aspect that helps foster and develop relationships between the school and her students.

About the Author

As a New York-based psychologist. Thelma Scott has conducted several seminars tackling adult autism.