Living in Style in the “City of Gold”

Dubai - City of goldMany people associate things that are beautiful with lavishness and extravagance. Imelda Marcos, a woman known for splurging, strongly disagrees. She said that, “Beauty is not extravagance, but a discipline that everyone must uphold” With this in mind, there are only a few places in the world where such beauty persists almost everywhere. Sometimes, it is located in areas where people least expect it.

Unexpected Beauty

The Middle East, for decades, is now becoming a region where lifestyle goes beyond expectations. Dubai carries the moniker “City of Gold” and true enough, it lives up to it so much so that gold is a decorative piece in its different infrastructures.

Money cannot buy happiness because it is not for sale

While it is true that money cannot buy you happiness, in a literal point of view, it does give people satisfaction that other things cannot give. One example is being able to afford a beautiful house. There are many factors that contribute to the overall aesthetic of a house, but many people commit a major mistake of making the exterior flashy, while the interior dull and boring.

Dubai residents have a unique taste for luxury and pay high attention to detail, which is why almost every house in every street is beautiful. Moreover, their houses are just as pleasing to look at on the inside as on the outside because almost every room. The kitchen in Dubai homes is a cut above the rest today. Their living rooms are also a sight to behold, especially as these show the fusion of different cultures.

Considering how young Dubai is, it is amazing how such city was able to reach various successes when in fact it has been only 13 years since it was founded It will be exciting to see what developments would happen in the following decades

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