Living in London: Common Misconceptions Students Should Stop Believing

student accommodationEvery city has its stereotype, including London. From a city filled with bankers to gloomy weather, everyone has their own impression of the Old Smoke, even before they get there. This is why some visitors get surprised that some of what they know about London are not true.

For many students looking to live in London, it is important to know the city, so you can easily settle in. You can adjust to the way of living much faster and focus on your field of study. When in London, you have to stop believing a few misconceptions. If you are keen to know what is like to live in London and settle in fast, here are some misconceptions you should do away:

Affordable flats are nowhere

The living standards in London is high compared to other metropolis, and rent is a bit higher than average. This does not mean you cannot find an affordable accommodation though. There are different kinds of student accommodation in London that will not hurt your budget. Some even offer volunteer work so you could learn more about the city and its people.

Everything is fish and chips

If you are worried you have to eat fish and chips the whole year round, fear not. Londoners may fancy fish and chips, but they also like a whole lot of other cuisines. Besides, with various people from different cultures coming to the city, you are sure to find the cuisine that will satisfy your taste buds.

Londoners are unfriendly bunch

The city residents may express themselves quite unique. This is why some think they are unfriendly and snobbish. In reality, however, Londoners are welcoming and helpful.

You have to ride the Tube to see London

Riding the Tube is an easy way to get around London. When you have an Oyster card, you can hop in and out of the Tube and go to places in London you like. Do not limit yourself to the Tube, though, as there are other ways to get around the city. You can walk, ride the bike, and hop on one of the famous double-decker buses.

London is full of charm and history. To experience the best it offers, you have to let go some of the misconceptions about living in the city. Keep an open mind and let the city show you what it has to offer.

About the Author

As a New York-based psychologist. Thelma Scott has conducted several seminars tackling adult autism.