Liquid Diet: How Drinking Water Helps You Shed Unwanted Fat

drinking waterForget the Atkins diet, slimming pills and extreme exercises. Many people are desperately looking for an effective weight-loss strategy, when the answer is right there in their kitchen sinks.

Ever wonder what water can do to your body apart from keeping you hydrated? Perhaps you’ve already heard it: Drinking water can help you slim down. Research shows that water before breakfast or dinner may help you lose weight for good.

Read on to know how it can help you speed up weight loss.

It Boosts Your Metabolism

Your body can burn calories faster depending on what you drink. Experts say that drinking ice-cold water helps speed up your metabolism. The faster your metabolism, the more calories you burn. It may seem strange to many, but it may help keep your calorie intake within a healthy range.

While water is not a magic potion to instant weight loss, it can certainly help. Whether you are maintaining your body shape or trying to lose unwanted belly fat, you should drink more water. For a healthy drinking experience, use sediment water filter for good health.

You Can Exercise Longer

Physical activity is the holy grail for dropping pounds quickly. You go for a morning jog and hit the gym to manage your weight. Your body, however, has a limit and you know it. No matter how intense your exercise may be, you won’t see any great result if your body is dehydrated. When you sweat heavily, you should drink more water, so you can exercise longer.

It Keeps Your Stomach Full

After working out or during Friday movie nights, you tend to eat more. Some people crave sweets or salty foods, even if they just ate. When you are low on fluids, your brain sends a message that you are hungry. If you drink more water before every meal, you will eat less.

Though there are other great ways to stay full, drinking water allows you to reduce food intake. This is the reason water is a wonderful addition to your daily diet, as it suppresses your appetite.

Replace smoothies and sodas with water for several weeks and you will surely see a big difference. If you want the water you drink help you shed weight, you should at least drink eight glasses a day.

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As a New York-based psychologist. Thelma Scott has conducted several seminars tackling adult autism.