Limo Fire Survivors Recall The Most Terrifying Moment Of Their Lives

Limo driver Orville Brown and other survivors of the tragic limo fire incident in San Francisco Bay recalled the most terrifying moment in their lives.

limo fireBrown said that fire took only three minutes to claim lives of five of his nine passengers last Saturday night. He said he heard someone in the backseat knock on the partition behind him, saying something about smoke. Then the taps turned to urgent knocks, and someone screamed “Smoke, smoke” and “Pull over!”

In just a few moments, five women, including bride Neriza Fojas, died inside the luxury car engulfed in flames.

One of the survivor passengers named Nelia Arellano told KGO-TV that she yelled at the driver to stop the car, but he “didn’t want to listen.” She added that when Brown did finally stop, he did nothing to help the other women get out of the burning car.

The real cause of the fire remains a puzzle for authorities. Get the full details about this story here.

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