Let in or Shut Away the Elements with Plantation Shutters

Having large windows at home lets the sunlight in and makes your home look cheery. There are times, though, when the sunlight or the wind is too strong. Curtains and blinds might do well enough, but they are not stable enough when the wind comes rushing in. This makes plantation shutters a more preferable alternative than blinds, curtains, and other draperies. They also suit the weather in Melbourne, where the weather can change quickly.

Fitting your home with fine plantation shutters in Melbourne can help you maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. The shutters allow you to control how much air and light enter a room. Some types also enable you to rotate the slats to open or close for privacy. Others have fixed slats with solid panels you can raise or flatten. If you want something more decorative, you can choose shutters with fabric inserts or tinted glass. This way, you can add an ornamental touch to complement your living spaces.

Plantation Shutters: Good Storm Protection or Decorative Only?

There are different types of shutters available. Not all of them can provide the wind protection you need in case of a strong hurricane, however. Hurricanes may be rare in Melbourne, but thunderstorms are more common. Having shutters in your home can help reinforce your windows, but they should be made from strong aluminium. This way, they don’t get destroyed easily when winds and rains pound on them.

Indoor shutters in Melbourne, on the other hand, almost have the same function as blinds. The only difference is that shutters are more durable. Shutters are also heavier, compared to other window treatments. Their weight, if they’re heavy enough, can prevent them from swinging every time a breeze comes in. Indoor shutters are easy to install because they can attach to thin frames that sit inside the opening or around the outside casing. Position the frame correctly, and the shutters can swing freely without nosy neighbours looking at your living room or kitchen.

Shutters for Your Home: Are They Worth the Investment?

Plantation shutters are the window treatment of choice, if you’re looking for high-quality coverings that last. Curtains and draperies are more decorative, but they are also harder to clean. You may need to look for dry-cleaning service for curtains, if the fabric is too sensitive for normal laundry. Shutters, on the other hand, are easier to maintain. All you need is a flexible duster or cloth to wipe away the dust and dirt.

Shutters can also last a long time if you take good care of them. Find out more about them so you can choose which type suits your home. There are distributors who provide different kinds, from strong exterior shutters to custom indoor shutter blinds in Melbourne. Look for a distributor who can install them well at reasonable rates.

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