Learn From the Best: What Successful Websites Have in Common

website designThe high-ranking websites on Google come from different industries; they have different goals and different target markets. They’re all different in many other ways, but they still share some common online marketing principles. These principles helped them launch and maintain billion-dollar companies.

Those marketing principles go beyond creating just a compelling call to action, a clear ad copy, interesting headlines, and engaging user experience.

Here’s an inside look at how those sites do it.

Social Media Shares

Social media shares, especially those in the major networking sites like Google, Facebook, and Twitter, are becoming more and more important. In fact, the bigger the social media reach, the higher the rankings will be.

If you’re not focusing your efforts on the world of social media, you could be losing out. It’s important to collaborate with social media marketing companies, such as Perceptum-Group.com, if you want to work towards high Google rankings.

Fast WebPages

The loading speed of the site is one of the things most businesses ignore, but ironically, it has been a factor in the rankings since 2010. This clearly shows that a slow loading website may result in poor user experiences. These websites only deserve less promotion in search results.

Massive Content Creation

The highest-ranking sites release massive content every single day. These sites are constantly adding pages to their site — and it’s not just a blog article a day. Some are adding more than a hundred thousand pages to their site every day.

Keeping up with the oceans of content seems impossible. Small websites, however, can still hire experts to push for more and more content. These can be either new or updated product pages, blog articles, or user generated profiles. As long as the content is relevant, your website will earn some reputation and value.

In just about any industry, the best thing you can do is learn from the best. Your entire business may be completely different from the best, high-ranking sites in Google, but you can use the principles they employ to take your website to high rankings on the SERPs.

About the Author

Brian Moores is an Operations Manager at a digital marketing firm at Florida. Currently, he maintains a blog where he posts his analysis on trends in his field.