Lasting Impressions: Using Business Cards to Wow Your Clientele

chocolateCompanies are always in the pursuit of uniqueness, a distinct collection of traits that sets them apart from other businesses. In almost every firm, the idea of market positioning is important in cementing their position in an ever-competitive market. This is the reason behind many efforts to revitalize and strengthen different campaigns. One major factor to consider in this endeavor, however, is the impression you leave with your current and would-be clients.

The impression starts with your business card. Often, you’d meet with a potential client, exchange thoughts, and perhaps before you part (or maybe before the conversation), hand out a piece of paper containing vital information. The problem with many business cards, however, is that they’re bland and boring, which wastes the potential wow factor this marketing collateral could generate.

For a company that strives for uniqueness, there are many creative ways to improve your card’s design.

Starting with a Confident Brand

Bolstering your branding improves your business cards to some extent. This depends on the strength of your company name, thus it’s important that you’re confident with what your company offers.

Some business owners include embossed logos and holographic effects on their cards to create a sleek and futuristic impression. Others focus more on the logo and make it more iconic. The point is to strike an impression with the simplest of aesthetics on your card, but not so extravagant that your clients would look away from it.

Playing with Words, Pictures, and Symbols

What’s on your card plays a role in making an impression. This is a great aspect of the product where you could play with symbolisms, words, and images. With some skill in photo-editing software, you can easily integrate symbols and creative flair in your branding. Of course, you can also hire a company to do this for you.

Straying from the Traditional

Whatever happens, a usual business card is still a piece of paper, no matter how pricey that paper may be. This is the perfect chance to stray from the conventional and incorporate something new in the way you promote your business.

Some companies order chocolate business cards online, tasty chocolate bars engraved with company information. Others create something more creative or more functional. Whichever the case, the means you use should fit your industry, or at least relate to it, to create a subtext about what you do and how passionate you are about it.

Your business card is one of the first things that establishes rapport with a client. Make it creative and striking enough to be an effective tool in promoting your company.

About the Author

As a New York-based psychologist. Thelma Scott has conducted several seminars tackling adult autism.