Landscape Edging: The Facelift Your Lawn Needs

Lawn maintenanceLandscape edging may seem like a waste of time, but doing so guarantees a neat and eye-catching lawn.

Edging is an important chore necessary for a well-kept yard. This utilises materials that result in crisp edges between areas in your lawn. The best designed gardens use a series of forms and shapes, which represent different purposes in your yard.

According to, online florists from Surrey, landscape edging also accentuates garden areas, which gives more definition to the overall design.

Why Edge Your Lawn

Edging creates a cleaner look between the beds and other areas of your garden. It serves as the invisible line between your lawn and another garden. Edging also defines the shrub bed or flower border surrounding the yard.

When you look at it from a practical point-of-view, landscape edging prevents turf grass from spreading around the garden. Also, it prevents excess soil from spilling unto the lawn, which results in an unpleasant view.

If your edging is wide and flat enough, it is capable of handling a lawn mower’s wheels. With a practical mowing strip, edging eliminates manicuring the edges for a crisper lawn.

The Necessary Materials

Landscape edging requires several tools to achieve a clean-edged yard. Before you buy the necessary materials, base your purchase on style, function and cost. Edging materials usually include the following:

  • Garden and lawn divider
  • Mulch capture
  • Mowing strip
  • Beauty edging

Selection of Landscape Edging Styles

Before selecting a style for your garden, consider the structures and materials in the lawn. While edging is a good unifying factor, introducing a new material to the scheme may disrupt the original design scheme.

Use stone, brick or pavers when unifying the edges with your garden path or patio. A fence can also connect the edges to a trellis or pergola. For a subtle edging, use low shrubs to blend with your plant beds for a more natural look.

An astounding lawn need not cost too much for the pots or seeds. Sometimes, all it needs is a crisper and cleaner edge to give your yard a fresher look.

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