Kobe Bryant Returns To L.A. Lakers

After months of recovery from an injury, Kobe Bryant has returned to court for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Efforts in season debut

kobeBryant, who’s confident his game will soon join him, had nine points and eight rebounds in his return.

Amir Johnson, however, scored a career-high 32 points for the trade depleted Toronto Raptors in a 106-94 win over Lakers.

With the crowd cheering during his opening warm-ups, Bryant knew a bit of a struggle to keep his composure when he finally stepped back on the same court where he got injured in April.

After career-changing injury

Although Bryant is proud of his perseverance through months of recovery, he’s more grateful to return in the competition, even if it didn’t turn out good.

“It felt good to get out there,” Bryant said positively, who started his 18th season in the NBA by going 2 for 9 with four assists.

Returning from what could be a career changing injury, the fourth top scorer in NBA history came back in time for the Lakers’ 20th game of the new season.

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