Know Your Ears: 3 Daily Habits that May Harm Your Hearing

Too much of everything is bad for you. Many people don’t have a reason to kick their bad habits until their health suffers. You may not notice it, but some things you do may do more harm than good.

ear cleaningHere are some habits that aren’t doing your hearing health any favors:

Cleaning ears with cotton swabs

Sure, cotton swabs clean your ear by removing the earwax, but pushing them deeper may affect your eardrum. Cotton swab scan do more harm than good, as your eardrum is delicate. Doing this everyday may increase your risk of an ear infection. If you suspect you have hearing problems, medical experts at Pacific Eye & Ear Specialists note that it’s best to see an audiologist.

Listening to music daily

You live in a noisy neighborhood, so you always wear your headphones to block out the noise.

You wear them before sleeping, during long commutes, and while working out in the gym. It’s no secret that listening to your favorite music helps you relax, but that doesn’t mean that all good habits are healthy for you. Whether you prefer pop or rock music, research shows that listening to your iPods or smart phones for several hours daily may damage your hearing. Of course, hearing loss depends on how loud and how long you are listening to the music.

You smoke

You smoke to relax, but did you know it negatively affects your hearing? The chemicals emitted by smoking cigarettes may affect the inner part of your ear. The more you smoke, the greater the damage will be to your hearing. Experts claim that the risk of hearing loss increases depending on the number of cigarettes you smoke in a day.

If you don’t take steps now to protect your ears, you will soon have to raise your voice so people can understand you.

About the Author

As a New York-based psychologist. Thelma Scott has conducted several seminars tackling adult autism.