Keeping the Drainage Systems Clog-free

A clogged drain is a common problem among establishments. It causes indoor floods that could damage your items and property. This is a concern, especially when you have to deal with excessive water flowing around the area. It’s possible to prevent this by implementing measures that can prolong the plumbing pipes, prevent leaks, and avoid costly repair fees. Here’s how to do it:

Water Flow

Use cold running water after disposing particles into the clogs. This can promote a continuous flow along the pipes. Boil hot water and pour it down the drain to remove grease and soap. Do this weekly or monthly to melt small particles.

Sink Stopper

Unblock drains by cleaning the sink stoppers regularly. These can filter items that go down the drain, but can cause flooding when full. Brush its surface area with soap and water to prevent microorganisms, like moss, from attaching to the holes.


Non-flushable items can cause clogs because these do not dissolve immediately. Avoid flushing heavy-duty paper products to avoid filling up the sewage system. Have a trashcan along the area, especially near the sink and inside toilet cubicles, to throw waste items.

Grease Off

Avoid pouring grease into the pipes, as it settles along the side area. It can trap food bits that may accumulate after a certain period. Use a container to store such items, instead. This way, you can prevent a sticky surface along the drainage system.


As the property owner, you need to check if there are impending clogs in the area. Do this by pouring a large amount of water and observe if these are drained quickly. Daily inspections can also help you monitor the drainage system’s flow.

Drainage Services

Call a drain cleaning service if you are unsuccessful in removing clogs. This way, you’ll avoid damaging the pipes due to repeated attempts. They have emergency services, which are ideal for commercial and industrial organisations. Their experts can also perform onsite inspections to save drainage systems from future complications.

Don’t drain your energy with flooding problems. Contact a drainage company for an effective and 24-hour service treatment for clogged drains.

About the Author

As a New York-based psychologist. Thelma Scott has conducted several seminars tackling adult autism.