Keep Those Muscles Moving: Staying Fit and Healthy while Traveling

musclesAre you heading hitting the road or taking to the skies sometime soon? When on vacation or an extended business trip, it is easy to find yourself eating too much sugary, fatty, and greasy food along the way. It would be completely fine, but you will also have to sit in vehicles or planes for long periods. All of this means that something has got to give, and this ‘something’ will likely end up being your physical fitness routine.

It’s difficult to focus on goals when there are lots of distractions. If you think going to Utah is a great excuse not to follow your daily diet, think again. Just because there are temptations doesn’t mean there are no solutions. With smart planning and early preparation, there are many great ways to squeeze proper diet and exercise into your hectic schedule.

Here are a few tips on staying happy and healthy no matter where life takes you:

Be Specific When Ordering Food

When out of town, half the fun is in exploring food hubs and enjoying the local specialties. There is no need to sacrifice these experiences, but do so with moderation. Remember that you can satisfy your taste buds while still making wise choices. St. George hotels offer full breakfast, but make sure to be specific when ordering room service. Instead of eating whole eggs with toast, ask for multi-grain toast with jam and egg whites on the side. You can swap bacon for mashed potatoes, a vegetable side dish or fresh fruit salad.

Warm Up and Do Some Stretching

You can still get a workout without leaving your hotel room. Allot at least 20 to 30 minutes for leg lifts, push-ups, squat jumps or sit-ups. Do another round of these exercises if you think what you’ve done isn’t enough.

Go Down to the Fitness Room

If you don’t want to head outdoors and go for a morning jog, then use the fitness room inside the hotel. All you need is basic equipment and determination. Use the treadmill or lift some weights. A growing number of hotels in Utah are giving travelers less reasons to skip physical activity.

Stay fit while out of town with these easy tips and tricks. Despite what others believe, you can still get a great workout even when you’re traveling.

About the Author

As a New York-based psychologist. Thelma Scott has conducted several seminars tackling adult autism.