Just When You Thought Everything’s Okay: Common Mistakes in Building a New Home

avoid home building mistakesAt last! You’re going to build your dream home. You’ve thought it all through — from choosing the colour of the walls to buying the perfect pieces of furniture. Everything is well planned, but have you really thought about it? How about the things that won’t work?

When you plan on building a new home, you have to consider many angles. You shouldn’t be short-sighted. Consider your budget and your future lifestyle as well. Will your family be expanding? Do you entertain overnight guests regularly? How about your children? Are they leaving your house soon?

To help you build your dream home with no regrets, below are some common mistakes to avoid:

Having Poor Space Planning

Though having enough storage is necessary, make sure to place them systematically. Space planning and design are very important, so your new, well-built home won’t have unused spaces or unnecessary closets.

Ignoring HVAC System

If you don’t plan this carefully, it will only lead to problems like terrible mould growth and moisture. Make sure to choose the right size of unit. If yours is too small, it won’t cool and heat your home efficiently. A unit that is too large, however, will only consume too much energy.

Not Thinking about Lighting

There should be enough outlets and light fixtures around your home. Windows should also be plentiful. Make them as large as possible for natural light to be your house’s main source. It’s also good if you add a skylight.

Creating Extra Rooms that aren’t Really Useful

It may be enticing to build rooms such as a game room and others, but you have to build one that will actually get used. An unused room usually becomes a dumping site to place some stuff. If you’re planning to add an extra room, make sure that it can transition from one type to another.

Ignoring Bedroom Placement

Make sure your bedroom is really distant from the noise as possible. Your master bedroom should not be close to the garage and the central living area. Place it at the far end of the house to make sure you won’t get disrupted when you’re sleeping or resting.

Building a new home is exciting. Make sure to follow the above tips and work well with your contractors, so you won’t have regrets later on.

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As a psychology professor at a university in Texas. Athrun also teaches at a personality development institute in the same state.