Jordan’s Ancient Wonders

Despite the war in Syria and spill-over in Lebanon, Jordan is a place removed from the instability that has engulfed the region, and Jordanians welcome visitors year round.

An advanced society

jordanJordan tourist spots are spread out, but there’s a good road and transportation system. It’s easy for tourists to meet and talk with locals, many of whom speak English.

The serene capital of Jordan, Amman, was originally built on seven hills on the ruins of ancient Philadelphia. The modern-day city has been established over a hundred years into a hip city full of youngsters and a regional hub for tech start-ups.

Most prominent sight

Outside Amman, tourists can visit the ancient castles as well as Christian and Judaic sites and wild natural reserves. All paths though will lead to Petra, a popular ancient city built in rose-red rock that remained widely undiscovered till the 19th century.

This led to more tourists, as the structures left behind were voted as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World in a global survey six years ago.

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