Is This the End for Guest Blogs?

white label seoAt the start of the year, Matt Cutts surprised the search industry with his statement, “Guest blogging is done.”While search experts refute the idea with their own take on the issue, Cutts has his own explanation on why guest blogging is on Google’s radar.

As Cutts discussed in his post last January, guest blogging has become a quick way for some companies to gain links, which completely violates Google’s platform for quality user experience. Cutts was pointing out the purge of sites with spammy guest blogs, warning search marketers to be vigilant when creating their posts.

No to guest blog farms

There’s nothing wrong with including guest blogs in your content marketing strategies. The big mistake is if you start to make a guest blog farm and use it for SEO purposes. Writing guest blogs is still a viable option for establishing brand presence and awareness, provided the content targets the right audience.

It’s all about user experience

If anything, guest blogs should always focus on users – what they want, what they search for, and what they find interesting. Avoid writing the same topics; write guest blogs that will spark curiosity or leave search users with thoughts to ponder on after reading the content.

With such changes in the search landscape, it’s more important than ever to do content audits and provide white label SEO reports. Remember, your guest blogs can serve as a guarantee for your client’s brand, so it’s only appropriate to write content of good value to search users.

About the Author

James Maxwell, a Media Buyer at a media buying agency in New York. He was a former media ethics professor at a university in Los Angeles.