Is The New Biggest Loser Winner Too Thin?

Rachel FredericksonRachel Frederickson, “The Biggest Loser” winner, revealed on February 4 her 105-pound body. For her 5’5” frame, she dropped about 155 pounds. This triggered a debate, and even the show’s judges were shocked.

 Her Feelings

“I’ve never felt this great, and it’s very exciting! Now I’m really at maintenance mode, so now it’s gonna be about doing a yoga class this day, a spin class this day, and I think I’m going to try dance classes because I don’t have a lot of rhythm, but I think it’d be fun to just add totally new things in!,” said the 24-year-old Frederickson.

 Is She Too Thin?

A healthy weight for a 5-foot woman usually ranges from 111 to 150 pounds, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). “There are so many variables to Frederickson’s weight loss that it’s difficult to say whether she is unhealthy,” stated Los Angeles-based fitness and lifestyle coach, Ashley Borden.

 Borden said that Frederickson should keep this in mind: “If she doesn’t work on the issues that caused her to gain weight, she could easily end up in the same place she started.”

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