Is Living Off the Grid for You? Things You May Want to Consider

Stress-Free LifeDreaming of a life with less hassle and stress? Living in tiny homes in the middle of nowhere or setting yourself up on a farm and living off the land may seem ideal but are you really ready to live off the grid?

What Does This Mean?

Living off the grid means doing away with the reliance on many government-provided utilities like electricity, water, sewage, and communication (telephones, mobile phones, and the Internet). You will have to rely solely on renewable energy sources and studying old-style waste disposal systems. Communication might be limited to the post or physically visiting friends and family. It may also include doing away with cars.

You Don’t Have to Lose It All

You can always choose to reduce the use of or do away with just some of the above-mentioned items. Some things that you may want to consider:

  • Reduce your electrical bill by adding solar panels to your roof or placing them somewhere in your backyard. Have an electrician (or learn to do it yourself) make the necessary connections so you can convert entirely to solar energy or use it to augment your daily needs.
  • Feel like the city water isn’t as clean as you’d like? You can choose to have a well dug in your backyard — make sure it is done by a professional to avoid water contamination problems! — or create a rainwater collection and filtration system.
  • For cleaner fuel, you can choose to produce your own. You will need a permit, space to make the fuel, and access to the materials. Make sure your oil storage complies with the API Standard 650 and that your car has been duly modified.

But why?

Ultimately, how much effort you take in living off the grid will depend largely on why you want to do it. Some choose to go off the grid to reduce their carbon footprint while others do it to live more simply. If you are among the latter, you can choose to take your time with the project and make sure you have everything you need to live comfortably.

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