Is it Wise to Go for a Knock Down and Rebuild Project?

home Knock down rebuildHomeowners have several options if they feel the design of their house is outdated and no longer suits the lifestyle they live. The three most common choices include the following: you can renovate it, move, or pursue a knockdown-rebuild project.

Each is a suitable choice, but most homeowners have a tendency to dismiss the latter without giving it much though. Below are some of the advantages of a knock down and rebuild project:

No Need to Leave Your Neighbourhood

Knock down and rebuild projects allow you to live in a new house without changing your address. You stay in the neighbourhood that you’ve grown to love over the years. There’s no need for children to move schools and establish new relationships.

More Energy Efficient

Choose to rebuild your house if you want it to be more eco-friendly. Most builders offer environmentally sustainable designed homes to their clients. You’ll enjoy an energy efficient home that is more resilient to climate change.

Better Design

By going for a knock down and rebuild project, you can start fresh and implement cutting edge contemporary home design. You can choose a floor plan that suits your budget and reflects your lifestyle. You also get the exact home design you’ve been dreaming of without compromising on details, features and size.

Less Risky

The cost of a home renovation is more expensive than demolishing your old place and building a brand new home. Home renovations are a high risk undertaking. They usually take longer and have hidden costs, unlike knockdown and rebuild projects. To adhere to building regulations, you may also need to upgrade other parts of your current house when you go for a home renovation.

Added Equity

A new house is a capital investment. By choosing to rebuild your home, you add value to the property. Everything is new, so your house will also have a higher resale value.

Because of the growing scarcity in inner suburban residential land, demolition of old houses and their replacement with new and bigger dwellings has become a trend. Set your budget, develop a design for your house, and look for expert builders who can help make your dream house a reality.

About the Author

As a New York-based psychologist. Thelma Scott has conducted several seminars tackling adult autism.