Is A.I. Going the Ultron Way?

RobotRobots now run. Technological advancements are astounding. There are now machines capable of things only manual labour achieved in the past.

Given this kind of progress, it seems a valid concern that Artificial Intelligence may become so advanced that Avengers: Age of Ultron will be more than just a move. Technological revolutions could happen sooner than you expect.

Steve Wozniak Speaks

In an era where you can order almost anything online, from a cab via Uber or your daily pooch’s needs via a respectable pet supply store online, robots and A.I. seem to be imminent and acceptable. Aside from offering pet supplies, Shop4Pets recommend effective dog training methods now, but in the future you may be training robots instead.

What most people don’t know yet is it may be sooner than expected. And tech visionaries see it already.

Recently, Steve Wozniak, dubbed “The Woz”, inventor extraordinaire and co-founder of Apple, confirmed thoughts about A.I.:

“I think artificial intelligence and technology could progress to the point of being as smart, or smarter, than us in about 20 to 30 years.”

That A.I. Threat is Real

Wozniak did not stop there. He added: “We need to address that potentiality now, and put the necessary parts in place to prevent that.”

No, it’s not Tony Stark speaking, it’s just the electronic genius that teamed up with Steve Jobs to create one successful tech giant. He helped create iPads, iPhones and iWatch (Apple smart watch). With how advanced these gadgets are, who can say what kind of gadgets are available in five years?

Imminent or not, take everything you read about Artificial Intelligence with a grain of salt. There are many people who will be happy to disturb you with sinister plots. Dig deeper to be certain of the information you read before you believe it.

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