The Internet Wordsmith: How to Ply Your Trade in the World Wide Web

Writers have been with society since the first man used charcoal rubbings on walls. They have been prevalent in cinema, theatre, the academe and now they are rampant in the biggest writing stage to date: the Internet. As a writer, here are the ways you can apply your craft online.

computer generationFiction and Storytelling

Man’s ancestors used writing on the walls of their homes to tell anyone who passed that they were there, that they existed – to tell their story. Hence, writing has been used more than conveying information; it was to tell stories. Fiction writers know this very well, and they have taken to the web to publish their stories.

There are many sites which cater to aspiring writers. The good thing about this is that similar to printed works, you do not need a degree in Literature to start your own. All you need is an email address, your manuscript, an internet connection, and you are good to go. One example that became a breakthrough is the recently adapted “Fifty Shades of Grey”, which was originally a fan fiction of Twilight.


If storytelling, personal writing and even journalism have arrived on the Internet, so have private companies looking to make a profit. The Internet is where millions of people are connected through information, which would translate to the largest pool of possible customers. Marketing companies have used this to their advantage. Many of them hire freelance writers to produce articles which would promote companies and their products – this trade is called “Search Engine Optimization” Writing. It is so prevalent that you can find these jobs almost instantly (landing them is a different matter though). According to Zoo SEO, apart from churning out their blogs, some companies also offer SEO mentoring as a way of training their recruits and helping their clients.


Besides storytelling, writing is foremost a tool for conveying information. This concept has spawned blogging, corrupted from the word “weblog”. Blog sites allow users to write whatever they want: from their thoughts and personal opinions to daily journal entries and even the occasional informative articles. As such, many aspiring writers who have taken to the internet have become bloggers in their own right whose works cover a large variety of topics and have garnered their respective followings.


In this day and age, radio, television,  the newspaper and even rumors are no longer the sole sources of information on current events. You can now also view the news on the Internet. There are already companies which have solely taken to the Internet to spread news. And if there are news readers on the web, of course, there are news writers as well. If you are a freelance journalist, you can go online to ply your trade.

About the Author

Brian Moores is an Operations Manager at a digital marketing firm at Florida. Currently, he maintains a blog where he posts his analysis on trends in his field.