Inspiring Custom Ceiling Ideas for Your Dream Home

st truiden majestic ceilingBring a vintage touch to a modern setting design or a fresh sparkle to a traditional home decor by customising your ceiling. It is easy to create one that reflects your personality and lifestyle. You just have to use your imagination. Visualise what you want and do some extensive research.
We all know that a wonderful ceiling design can give any room a unique, personalised character. In addition, it may leave a stunning impression in the minds of those who step in. Industry professional shares the popular custom ceiling styles.

  • Coffered Ceiling

    A coffered ceiling is a type of ceiling treatment that provides a ceiling division into a grid of recessed panels accented by dropped beams. This design is usually in the form of multiple squares or rectangles. Recessed lighting complements with a coffered ceiling layout, as this provides soft, reflective light throughout the room.

  • Cathedral Ceilings

    If you want to add character to a plain room, then building a cathedral ceiling is a good option. This style aims to provide a high slanting line up to the top of the house, which can add dimension to your dining room or bedroom. The cathedral ceiling can extend from the living room fireplace wall to the second floor loft area depending on your preference.

  • Vaulted Ceilings

    A vaulted ceiling can extend a room upward—providing a spacious ambiance and make rooms feel larger. This type of ceiling treatment is ideal on first floor living or family rooms, as it adds spaciousness to a room that is both functional and luxurious. Vaulted ceilings in the master bath are becoming quite common, particularly in custom homes.

Keep in mind that the perfect ceiling design differs for each room and home layout depending on the space. It also varies from the surrounding walls and the theme of the house. Have no worry, as there are numerous patterns and colours to choose from in the market that can help you create a custom-designed ceiling.
Don’t forget that a well-designed ceiling can alter the visual impression of a particular room.

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