Industrial Pipework 101: The Different Types of Pipe Valves

aluminumAre you running an industrial pipe installation project and are experiencing issues when it comes to choosing the right valves for your aluminium pipe? If yes, do not feel overwhelmed. Understanding the different components and their applications will help you determine which type will be best for your installation and maintenance needs.

The various types of these pipe valves include:

Relief Valve

The primary role of a relief or safety valve is to limit the pressure that a system can hold. It reduces the frequency of cases where there is excess pressure in a system, whose results are quite destructive.

Globe Valve

These help in regulating the flow of liquids in your piping system. The regulation process uses a movable disk that shifts its position about a stationary ring. Most globe valves today also come in angled positions to reduce corrosion by the fluids in the pipeline.

Needle Valve

These are special-type globe valves that ensure an excellent flow control. The valve has a thin and tapered plug to enable this function while regulating the flow of fluids.

Butterfly Valves

Like other valves, the butterfly design help regulates the flow of liquids, but it comes with a unique capability of controllability. The operation of this valve relies on the rotation of 90 degrees. The majority of the time, this valve acts as a shut-off valve.

Gate Valve

This valve is probably the most common type that finds its use in many applications. It operates when a gate lifts to allow the fluid to flow. The gate valve either opens or closes fully. It can also act as a block valve in isolating pipe systems.

The different valves in the market vary with the application and size. With the above knowledge, you can now execute your industrial project without problems. However, you could use professional help to accurately determine the most appropriate valve to use in different parts of your pipework project.

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