Increase Employee Engagement With These Three Digital Services for Your Offic

Social IntranetGetting technology on your side is essential to your business’ success. Not only does tech make your work flow faster, it engages your employees and keeps you ahead of your competition.

LoadSpring says whether you’re using a hosted Microsoft project server or a social intranet, you can be sure that your company saves on costs and generates more revenue with these digital services:

  • Virtual Office

For the startup or for any company that hasn’t been around that long, using a virtual office instead of an actual workspace may not only save you space, but also get you a better business address. That’s just for starters. You can also get a digital assistant and free 800 numbers if you get the right package.

  • Social Intranet

Increasing your employee engagement can be done through a social intranet. By creating a space for your employees to work, this service can engage them more. You can also keep their work collaboration on this platform using various applications. You can also give your field employees the tools to finish their work away from the office. If you want a complete digital solution for workflow, then this is the service for your company.

  • Hosted Project Server

Everyone should understand that the cloud essentially turns products into services. Instead of buying all these software and hardware packages, you can just subscribe to a project server and a set of applications for your devices. Infinitely more affordable and easier to use than a locally-hosted server, this type of service can also help your employees in the field with their tablets and smartphones.

Did you know that there are a lot of other services you can use for your business? Make sure you get a digital solution that can be steadily-built on with new components. This means that you can add features to your office solutions slowly, without breaking the bank.

About the Author

As a New York-based psychologist. Thelma Scott has conducted several seminars tackling adult autism.