In Sickness and in Health: Tips for Married Couples Planning to Live in Assisted Living

Married CouplesWe all know that moving to a local assisted living community alone is quite frightening. But imagine how much more challenging and daunting the experience is for elderly couples with twice the things to bring.

More and more American couples take the plunge, so they can both receive the help they need with their daily activities. Others, however, make the move to stop worrying about regular home repairs, upgrades, and upkeep. People live in an assisted living community for many different reasons and with unique challenges.

As you and your spouse age, you know that you two need to plan for the future – and you want to do so without separating. When the time comes that your health is slowly failing, it’s comforting to know that both of you are safe in the hands of a skilled nurse or a memory care facility.

Start the Search Now

Now that you have retired, perhaps it’s time to start researching for assisted living. Utah has many facilities that offer options for elderly couples wanting to live in the same residence. It’s better to begin the planning process ahead of time. You don’t want to get caught off card by a sudden chronic illness or serious injury. Be proactive and make an effort to find the right community that will help you maximize independence and offer choices.

Make Sound Financial Decisions

You and your spouse can’t always rely on your adult children. As moving to assisted living can be financially overwhelming, you two need to be prepared. It’s important to have a dependable financial plan in place, especially for long-term care. Some facilities are pricier than others, so you need to estimate the costs. Buying a health insurance, opening up a savings account, and stretching the resources will also help.

Think About Shared Needs

No two people are alike, whether it’s about health or social needs. If you prefer socializing with others, you need to take an activity that will help you get more friends. If your spouse is more mobile and healthier, then it’s better to have a comfortable fitness class. Choose a facility that will fulfill both your needs.

Assisted living communities are there to help. But transitioning from home ownership is never easy, which is why you need to plan carefully.

About the Author

As a psychology professor at a university in Texas. Athrun also teaches at a personality development institute in the same state.