The Idea Behind Different Pool Shapes

Swimming pools come in different forms and shapes. And to say that your pool design only affects the look of your backyard oasis is completely wrong. Top Brisbane-based builder Performance Pool explains that there is logic behind every style of pool; hence, a perfect swimming pool design is relative.

swimming poolYour lifestyle, home architecture, outdoor space size, landscape and budget are only some of the factors you have to consider when choosing the best shape and design. Moreover, knowing the meaning behind the curves and corners of the pools is paramount to make the right decision.


Freeform is one of the most versatile pool shapes for most properties. The irregular contours of this design disobey the rules of geometry, allowing it to blend effortlessly with the surroundings. It can practically come in any form to suit properties with strict backyard space or landscape constraints.

Rectangular vs. Oval

Both classic and classy, rectangular and oval-shaped pools are among the favourite options of many. The straight lines and clean edges of rectangular swimming pools can reinforce your home’s architectural beauty without overpowering its elegance. Oval pools, on the other hand, dampen your abode’s formal style by making your outdoors look more relaxed.

L-Shap & Figure 8ed

These pool shapes are ideal for families with children. The “L” outline serves as a division between the shallow and deep areas to prevent younger children from drowning. The longer diagonal side is perfect for practicing laps, while the shorter one makes a natural entrance.

The beautiful curves of a figure 8 pool create a divide for family members to do different activities all at once. Asymmetrical or not, the sides draw an imaginary line separating the shallow and deep parts.

From Infinity to Overflow

Modern, stylish and awe-inspiring; infinity and perimeter-overflow swimming pools are perfect for properties with overlooking views of breathtaking sceneries, such as the ocean, mountains or city scapes. Infinity pools produce a spectacular effect with its vanishing edge.

The perimeter-overflow design has the same construction except that all four sides do not show the edges to look like a flat surface from above or afar.

The pool design defines the kind of experience you can enjoy. Discuss your ideas and requirements with your contractor and have a relaxing stay cationin your pool.

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