HVACs Built Modern Society and Keep it This Way

HVACThe HVAC is mostly seen as a luxury in many parts of the country, but there are some cases wherein having a properly functioning unit can mean the difference between life and death. This may sound like a hyperbole, and people are free to think that. The truth, however, doesn’t care what people think and just happens. In this case, the truth is that air conditioning units save lives.

Into the Wilderness

These days, air conditioning has become so common that nobody thinks twice about what would happen if they suddenly disappeared. Many of them even mock the emergency HVAC services companies like LaSalle Heating and Air Conditioning offer. The people who do take time to think about an HVAC-less world – and they’re not that many – think that people will be just fine; a bit uncomfortable, but more or less fine. This is a reasonable assumption considering humanity has thrived without air conditioning for thousands of years.

The one flaw in that argument, however, is that the world people live in today is vastly different from the one that existed until just over a century ago. The existence of HVAC has given people the ability to live and even flourish in places that were considered as uninhabitable for most of human history. The winters of the northern states were unbearable, and the deserts of the south were no man’s land. Now, cities like Las Vegas and Minnesota are giant metropolises that thousands of people call home.

Building Bigger

Sceptics will criticize this argument, especially in the case of Minnesota, that there have been early settlements that managed to expand normally even without the benefit of HVAC units. But these critics fail to account for the circumstances of those early times, specifically the architecture.

The early settlers of Minnesota built all of their houses with wooden logs, which were heavy, but served as great insulators. That style of construction doesn’t lend itself well to the age of skyscrapers and high-rise buildings. The existence of HVAC allowed engineers to use lighter materials, enabling them to build bigger things. The sudden disappearance of the technology would leave thousands of people vulnerable to the biting cold hundreds of feet above sea level.

The harsh truth is that humanity will not be fine if all the air conditioners in the world suddenly stopped working. Major adjustments will need to happen, and many of them won’t be pleasant.

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