How to be Safe Around Pallet Racks

Set of pallet rackingPallet racks are tall and most of them are properly secure. However, accidents can happen, especially in huge warehouses. Make sure to be safe around pallet racking by reviewing and following these tips that we have listed for you below.

Watch Out for Upright Collisions

Fork trucks can cause a lot of accidents in warehouses if you are not careful. Prevent unwanted accidents by using column protectors. These guys can take most hits from fork trucks, preventing smaller and minor accidents.

Consider installing end-of-aisle guards to your racks as well for some added protection. Use both the column protectors and end-of-aisle guards everywhere your fork trucks usually operate.

Lastly, consider using floor markings, reflectors, and other reflective or highly visible indicators for the fork truck driver to see where they should stop driving.

Do Not Exceed Weight Capacities

Pallet racking manufacturers usually indicate the weight limit and capacities of their racks. Look for the beams and uprights for markings and indications of each rack’s limitation. If you do not know the limitations, then take the rack’s measurements and contact your manufacturer immediately.

Once you have the weight limit, make sure to obey it every time and never exceed.

Load the Pallets Properly

Train your fork truck drivers and loaders properly and make sure that they know how to load and unload the pallets on each rack properly.

Each pallet must be squarely placed on the rack, and it must rest evenly across all beams so that the weight will be properly dispersed. Make sure that the drivers and operators have enough space to load and unload each pallet.

When it comes to working in warehouses, the safety of your employees and yourself should be your primary priority. Read the rules and make sure to obey each one to make sure that everyone’s safety is ensured.

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