How I Met Your Mother: Design Ideas for the Perfect Wedding Photo Album

wedding album designJust a few years ago, a newly married couple would expect their wedding album to be a pre-designed book collection of single images, with a 10×10 photo on a page, followed by another 10×10 photo. The leather-bound album was the standard back then of all wedding photo albums.

Oh, what a difference a few years make. Glance through old wedding albums of your relatives or friends and you probably would end up laughing at how awkward they were made to pose with the bride and groom. But, the story is different nowadays. Because there’s now a story to tell, your precious wedding photo album cannot just be a random assortment of photographs. It needs to bring out the stories from the ceremonies as much as the emotions involved.

A Long and Lasting Love

Wedding albums are no longer just a collection of photos of your special day. Wedding albums these days now combine candid and traditional shots. As much as the ceremony is captured in the album, the priceless moments of plain fun and interaction between the bride, the groom, and the guests are being highlighted more. Photo albums are now able to show the deep chemistry and the spark between the couple, all through the photographs’ colors, arrangement and other nuances.

How I Met Your Mother

As the famous CBS hit show goes, “Kids, this is the story of How I Met Your Mother.” New photographers and wedding album can be likened to storytellers. Wedding albums can now tell a story not just of the wedding day, but the entire love story of the couple. Part of many wedding photography services is a pre-nup shoot, and you can choose to tell the beginning of your love story here, culminating at the wedding ceremony.

You can produce an album where every photo is connected to the next. Every page will get its own storyline brimming with emotions. Some old pictures showing how they met to some special coffee dates can be inserted too for everyone to enjoy.

The Behind the Scenes

Another interesting thing to go for is taking shots where the bride is getting ready for the ceremony, from getting her makeup done, to getting into the bridal car. The idea here is not just to capture beautiful pictures, but priceless moments as well.

“Where do I begin to tell the story of how great a love can be? The sweet love story that is older than the sea…” as the great singer Andy Williams croons. And more often than not, the story starts by taking out the perfect wedding photo album.

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