How Did The“Man Of Steel” Get Those Biceps?

cavillAs the premier of “Man of Steel” nears, many people are wondering how Henry Cavill built the perfect figure for his role. What the 30-year-old “The Tudors” actor went through to prepare for his role was no joke, but it clearly gave him the physique suited for his character.

Training to be Superman

Cavill spent about 10 months doing training and bodybuilding to achieve the perfect body tone for Superman. Two personal trainers assisted the actor during his training—they used a multi-layered approach to get those biceps and abdominals showing. According to Cavill, his training included a conditioning phase, technique workout, mass building, and leaning so his body would look good in the suit.

It’s not always the suit

But, the costume appears to be the last thing on Cavill’s mind. Fans can’t wait to see snippets of his skin, as was shown in the many trailers released during the past months. Cavill shared that he had to do a series of maintenance routines and fine-tuning during their shooting to make up for the shirtless scenes.

When asked if he was worried about taking over Brandon Routh for the role, the British actor simply stated his anticipation in how the movie will turn out. It’s as what people say, “Ride with the wave and roll with the punches if they come.”

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