House Of Commons To Vote For European Union ‘In-Out’ Referendum

james whartonThe in-out UK membership referendum of the European Union is going to witness votes from, the House of Commons. As per the bill initiated by James Wharton, Tory MP, the bill is opposed by liberal democrats but is backed well by his party. However, the debate will see very few of the labour and MP’s from the liberal department.

The Bill

The proposed bill is likely to be accepted and will go through a safe journey in the first test; however, the future phase will face rocks while going through the parliament. Mr. Wharton stated the other day that the bill would confidently pass through the Common’s second phase and that it has the complete support of the ministers of David Cameroon and him, himself.

The Reason

It is plain politics. The conservative MP’s want to give people an opportunity to have their say on Europe while the Labour MP’s don’t.

The Future

The bill is stated to bring a re-negotiation with Brussels with regards to UK’s relationship.

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