Home Repair: Ladders and Safety

safety ladderMany people rely on ladders whenever there is a job that requires reaching heights. Repairing a ceiling fan, for instance, requires a ladder. Changing a light bulb, especially in a high ceiling house, or painting a roof also uses ladders.

Ladder Safety Tips

Every home repair requires a safety measure. In electronics, it is important to check the electrical flow and voltage of any appliance before you tinker its wirings to avoid electric shocks. Plumbers close the water line before they open a faucet or pipe. It’s the same way with basic carpentry repairs that use ladders, which involve different safety measures.

It’s not enough that you shake the ladder and check its stability. In using a ladder, always follow the 1:4 ratio. It means that the ladder’s base should be a foot away from the wall for every 4 feet of height that you need to climb. So if you’re climbing 8 feet above ground, the ladder should be 2 feet away from the wall.

Check the quality of the ladder before using it. If the ladder is rusted, loose, or has missing parts, don’t use it. If the ladder is unsteady or leans to one side, it could be dangerous to use. Work only with ladders that are in good working condition.

Wear slip-resistant shoes when using a ladder. Some prefer leather-soled shoes, but these aren’t resistant enough to fight slips. Most ladders are made of metal and can get slippery.

Not all ladders are the similar, so you should know the different types of ladders and the type that suits your current task. Learn the differences between straight, articulated, and combination ladders.

Another safety measure is to step only up to the second rung of ladders. If the ladder is extended, go only as high as the third rung, and never the first rung. Also, avoid stepping on the paint shelf of the ladder. Use the ladder’s shelves for the tools you need to bring.

Failure to follow these tips can result in an accident. After all, these tips don’t completely ensure your safety. There is a need for a more reliable precautionary measure. This is where ladder brackets come in.

What are Ladder Brackets?

A sturdy ladder bracket can secure anybody going up some steps. This safety device attaches the ladder to a stable, solid area like a roof or a wall. This prevents the tool from falling backwards. Additionally, ladder brackets prevent any horizontal movement from the ladder, making sure that it stays in place while somebody uses the stepladder. This mechanism provides the user with stability while at heights.

Take note that the ladder bracket can only secure the ladder itself. Any person can still lose their balance while climbing or slip and fall. Nevertheless, it’s still a reliable safety device when using a ladder.

Look for companies like LadderLock that provide safe and durable ladder brackets. Their superb craftsmanship and top-class material can help ensure the safety of anybody who needs to use a ladder.

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