Home Entertainment: Amazon Reveals A Streaming And Gaming Device

Image by  Chris Gray  | Flickr

Image by Chris Gray | Flickr

E-Commerce giant Amazon has launched an Internet-connected television set-top box for streaming movies, TV shows, and music.

‘Play on TV’

 The small black box, named Amazon Fire TV, allows users’ television sets to access Internet, including free instant streaming from its Amazon Prime subscription service.

“People play games on tablets but they want to play on TV,” said Amazon’s Peter Larsen.

Amazon’s Prime TV has a number of unique features, which includes a remote control that has a microphone built designed for voice recognition searches.

The remote is Bluetooth-enabled, so users don’t have to point it close to the TV to work.

Streaming media device wars

 Despite its services to stream shows and movies from alternatives to Amazon Instant Video, there are a couple of content providers not on its list, such as HBO Go.

“Amazon’s move is essentially the final piece in a three-way battle,” said Strategy Analytics industry expert David Watkins.

It seems like a remote with a microphone will not be enough for Amazon to win the streaming device battle.

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