Hire a Virtual Assistant: Increase Sales and Minimize Costs

hiring virtual assistantAs a business owner or company leader, you may feel overwhelmed with your daily intake of tasks or administrative duties. You may have considered a virtual assistant in the past, but are unsure how effective an assistant, who is not “physically present,” is in helping alleviate your workload. Pay-rolling a virtual assistant has more than a few advantages. Here are a few reasons why acquiring personnel from a virtual assistant company is a good idea for running a smooth business.

The Benefits of a VA

Receiving virtual assistance means no need for a physical workspace. Instead, you’ll contract the services of your virtual assistant from their own office and communicate via email, messenger, fax, snail mail, telephone, and other methods. You won’t experience the burden of extra expenses, such as office equipment, rent, and utilities. You also won’t have to worry about processing payroll, taxes and benefits.

Hire personnel from a virtual assistant company in the Philippines, or any other time zone. This means that tasks are accomplished, proposals are written, and sales are made during all hours of the day. The time difference will help you get a head start on the competition while you sleep.


A virtual assistant (VA) offers a variety of administrative services, including marketing, writing, design, event planning, and others. In your search for a professional virtual assistant, consider your business needs and their particular skills and specializations for the best match. Determine what type of qualifications and duties you require in a virtual assistant. Many are extremely talented in writing business plans, designing websites, making travel arrangements, and more.

Hiring a VA

When hiring a virtual assistant, plan ahead. Determine the type and amount of work you’ll assign, as well as your preferred mode of communication. Focus on hiring a virtual assistant who can follow directions accurately and communicate easily.

Whether you need help with mini projects or ongoing support, a virtual assistant is your partner in working towards business growth. You’ll stay in control and experience flexibility in payment and maximize productivity and sales while minimizing costs.



About the Author

James Maxwell, a Media Buyer at a media buying agency in New York. He was a former media ethics professor at a university in Los Angeles.