Grow in the Dark: What to Sow in Your Garden’s Dim Areas

backyard gardenBasic gardening knowledge dictates that a plant needs three things to grow: soil, nutrients, and light. But when you’re maintaining a backyard garden, you can’t guarantee an equal amount of everything in all parts of the lot. Often, this becomes a problem for new gardeners as they wonder what plants they could use to fill the space.

Fortunately, it’s okay for your garden to be that way as not all plants like the full sun.  According to Longacres Garden Centre, some species are content with just a few hours of direct sunlight per day. For your vegetable garden, consider these five:


When you have some shade in your backyard, consider planting chard in there. Other than being shade-tolerant, this plant is a great choice to add some colour in your garden. Chard lasts for a long time, too, as many of these planted in spring can withstand the winter and remain in good condition the following year.


No salad is really complete without kale. Fortunately, it’s something you could plant at home, too. This carotenoid-rich vegetable is easy to grow on the plot, as it can tolerate poor soil and shade. The cold doesn’t even bother it, too.


When you have some extra time to take care of your plant, go with lettuce. It is, after all, a salad staple. This vegetable dislikes direct heat, so you really have to plant it someplace darker than usual.


When you want something on the sweet side, go with rhubarb. This sugary fruit is a great choice whenever you are making stew, a crumble, a jam, or even ice cream. Rhubarbs are also shade-lovers, so growing them won’t be that difficult.


Popeye’s favourite snack is not just nutritious; it’s a good choice for that shaded part of your garden. Spinach bears a resemblance to the way you grow chard, which means it is fairly easy to grow.

Don’t worry about that empty, shady spot in your garden. You can fill it with plants when you know what to sow. Find out which of these you prefer and have a more interesting vegetable garden.

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