From Traditional Roof to EPDM Rubber: It’s Worth the Upgrade

roofUpgrading your shed roof is a great way to extend the life of your roofing system and improve its efficiency. Many home and business owners have switched to EPDM rubber sheets because of their benefits to the structures. With today’s increasing need for efficiency and innovation, upgrading from traditional roofing materials to EPDM is a cost effective solution.

Among the different types of shed roof materials, EPDM offers the most benefits. Your existing garden shed gains much exposure from the weather and other outdoor elements. It needs better roofing system to last longer and maintain a desirable appearance. Here are some of the best reasons you should upgrade to EPDM rubber sheets.

Materials that Can Stand the Test of Time

EPDM rubber roofing membranes feature high resistance to UV rays and rain. These materials are flexible enough to withstand constant temperature changes in the entire roofing structure. They stretch when the structure expands and contracts due to temperature variations. This means they’re not prone to premature wear and the effects of weathering.

Recyclable and Long Lasting

EPDM rubber as a shed roofing material is an environment-friendly and cost-efficient option for property owners. It can last many years with little maintenance. You can also recycle this material for future use. There’s no need to throw it away. Recycling plants process old EPDM rubber sheets to make new roofing materials. That’s less harm to the soil and the living organisms thriving in it. The water that ran off the rubber roof is also clean enough for a variety of applications, such as toilet flushing or watering the garden.

No More Leaks

Leaks cause damage to properties. Manufacturers supply EPDM rubber membranes in the form of long and wide sheets. This means a single sheet can cover a small roof, such as that of your garden shed. There’s no room for seams and junctions, which cause water to infiltrate the roofing system.

It’s time to switch to EPDM rubber sheets. Look for a reliable supplier near you and enjoy the benefits of these roofing materials.


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