‘Flappy Bird’ Clone Made By Filipinos Tops AppStore

Flappy Bird clone

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“Pugo,” the “Flappy Bird”-inspired game developed by Filipinos, is now the most popular app in the iOS AppStore.

Filipino ‘Flappy Bird’ clone

After “Flappy Bird’s” controversial extinction, clones have emerged to fill the void left by the simple yet addicting game.

“Pugo” is a proudly Filipino-made app by Patrick Cabral and his wife, Camy.

Currently a top-ranking app among free downloads, “Pugo” operates under the same tactics as “Flappy Bird.” But this time, instead of a yellow bird, gamers are controlling a pink quail in a forest with seemingly hand-painted graphics and a catchy soundtrack.

Players can earn an extra life by picking up a power-up in the form of a Philippine flag.

This is a better-looking “Flappy Bird” clone with a Filipino twist.

Clone games

Recent reports show most newly released iOS games are clones of “Flappy Bird.”

Last month, about 293 games were introduced in the AppStore and 95 of those games were obvious clones of the famous app that was removed from app stores.

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