Ethical Questions Raised Over Ohio Death Row Inmates Last Wish

last wishMoral and medical questions have been raised by transplant experts and ethicists after an Ohio death row inmate made an eleventh-hour unusual request for donating his organs post execution. With less than 24 hours to go for the death using a lethal injection of the child killer, Ronald Philips, Republican governor, John Kaisch decided to postpone the execution in order to give the medical fraternity some time to ponder over whether Philips was a suitable organ donor.

Philips’ Last Wish

Philips, 40, has said that he wants to give his kidneys to his mother and would like to donate his heart to his sister later on.

Calling it an ‘uncharted territory’ for the state, the Ohio governor appeared to be open to Philips making the kidney and other organ donations before his execution, but as good as ruled out a possibility of a donation post death.

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