Equipment & Technology Upgrades You Need to Improve the Efficiency of Warehouse Operations

technology in a warehouseThe success of any warehouse hinges on its ability to meet the demands of its clients. The bigger your business grows, the more clients you need to accommodate or the greater the number of products to manage. If your warehouse still uses outdated equipment and technology, you run the risk of reducing your ability to meet your targets.

This is where equipment upgrades come in. With newer equipment, you will be able to make your warehouse operations more efficient, allowing you to meet increasing demands. A pallet wrapper with scale, for instance, cuts packing and weighing time significantly.

Here are other equipment upgrade ideas you should consider improving the performance of your warehouse:

Warehouse technology

Enabling technology, like a warehouse management system (WMS), can improve efficiency in the various aspects of running your warehouse. These include choosing the best routes and methods for order picking.

The WMS can also provide your businesses with automated pick lists, which can be sent to mobile devices. This will reduce and even eliminate mistakes that occur when conducting order picking using paper. Radio frequency identification and barcode readers can also improve inventory accuracy and efficiency, as information and databases are updated in real-time. Adopting warehouse technology will surely reduce picking errors and wasted time.

Storage units

One of the most common problems that growing warehouse businesses have is the lack of storage space. This can be addressed by maximising the available vertical space. Invest in taller storage units, such as structural pallet racking systems. These structural pallet racks can serve as replacements for the I-beams in your warehouse. There are different pallet racking systems for every need, making it easier to organise items of various sizes and optimise all of the available space in your warehouse.

Order picking equipment

The types of forklifts, order pickers, lift trucks, or walkies you use for order picking have a large impact on your warehouse productivity. While you may use forklifts and electric pallet trucks for order picking, you should also consider using other equipment depending on the kind of order picking that needs to be done.

For example, for full pallet picking as well as put away and replenishment, turret trucks would be a big help in boosting efficiency. For case or piece picking and cycle counting, you can look into low- or high-level order pickers. Many of these new forklift models come with semi-automation technology that can further increase efficiency and productivity, allowing your warehouse to do more in less time.

Every business needs an efficient storage, and what better way to do that is to have a warehouse that meets (or even exceeds) expectations. Follow the above-mentioned upgrades and see for yourself.

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