Edge Trims: Making Homes Safer

It can be daunting when there are metal edges exposed in your home. Whether it’s your windows, or cabinets, sharp metal or glass edges may cause accidents inside your house. If the people in your home happen to bump into metal or glass edges, they may suffer from cuts or from more serious medical conditions. As a parent, you need to do something to prevent accidents from happening.

Introducing the edge trims

A sheet metal edge trim is a rubber extrusion with a steel clip that you push on the edge of a sheet glass or metal. It grips tightly, leaving a nice and soft rubbery finish to any sharp edge or surface. Edge trims can be used virtually anywhere. They can be used on different products that include parking lot mirrors, scoreboards, dry erase boards, satellite dishes, pedicure foot baths, golf carts, cabinets, motorcycle helmets, and tiles.

Easy to use

Flexible edge trims are easy to use. Just push the trim down on any exposed edge and, with a strong and resilient gripping power, it snaps into place. There are also construction adhesives available that you can apply before trimming down the trims. These help create an even stronger grip to the material that they are placed on.


As demands on edge trims increase over the years, these products now come in different decorative finishes and textures. There are edge trims that are available in different colors and designs and can fit the material they will be placed on. Some more decorative ones use colorful textiles and fabrics to add to the design and look of the products. There are PVC edge trims, rubber trims, and edge trims that are made of cloth, which you can use to cover sharp edges at home.

Installing edge trims at home may seem simple, but this task makes a difference when it comes to your family’s safety. Through this, you don’t only improve the quality of your household furniture and equipment, but also keep your family away from possible danger.

About the Author

As a New York-based psychologist. Thelma Scott has conducted several seminars tackling adult autism.