EB-5 and Real Estate: Insights on Investing in Foreign Lands and Properties

real estate investmentThe experts have spoken: the outlook for the US real estate is bullish. From this point, there’s no way to go but up, which is good news for the increasing number of investors in the country. In the next few years, it won’tbe a surprise if more foreigners continue to own land in American soil.

Land developers also see an opportunity in this positive trend, especially when it comes to securing an EB-5 immigrant investor visa. Real estate, indeed, seems like a good path to take when you want to enter the country while securing your investments. But before you invest in US property, take note of these insights first:

Come up with Projects that Qualify

You can invest in real estate projects through the EB-5 program in two ways: direct investment and regional center investment. Experts, however, almost always recommend going the regional center route, mainly because it’s easier to find developers who have finished projects through EB-5 under this category. Consult your lawyer to ensure that your project qualifies with what the law prescribes.

Work with the Right People

Speaking of lawyers, you have to assemble your dream team to make sure that the EB-5 investment pushes through. In such a major investment, the government forces you to deal with corporate finance, securities, and immigration, among other issues. Ideally, you have to work with immigration and labor attorneys, as well as economists to make your endeavor successful.

Track the Money Trail

Never get lax when it comes to the documentation of your investments. The Patriot Act is quite particular with its requirement of a comprehensive paper trail of where you sourced and where you put your money. Keeping a close watch on your money trail takes you a couple of steps away from accusations of money laundering. Documentation, in one word, is imperative in EB-5 investments.
Heed these insights when planning to invest in an EB-5 real estate project. It’s easier to get your project and your visa approved when you know what bases to cover.

About the Author

James Maxwell, a Media Buyer at a media buying agency in New York. He was a former media ethics professor at a university in Los Angeles.