Don’t Ruin the Moment: Avoid These Three Proposal Mistakes

wearing engagement ringWhile proposing to the love of your life seems like a relatively simple act, some men have messed up and ruined the moment forever. The problem with this romantic gesture is that some guys have a tendency to over think and overcomplicate the whole thing. In an attempt to separate themselves from others, they fall into proposal mistakes that can make things such a disaster.

Here are some of the proposal mistakes you should avoid:

Put a Ring on It

Proposing empty-handed is one the biggest mistakes you could ever make. A marriage proposal wouldn’t seem like a legitimate one without an engagement ring. You have to understand that your request for a lifetime commitment would be much more believable if you have a symbol for your love. suggests choosing a unique engagement ring that truly embodies your feelings.

A Declaration of Love

Sure, you are head over heels in love with her, but you don’t need to broadcast or shout your proposal to the entire world. The common dilemma with proposing in front of a crowd is that your loved one won’t be able to savor the entire moment, as she may feel like she’s on stage and pressured to put on a show. In fact, surveys show that most women prefer intimate proposals.

Spilling the Beans

When planning your proposal, make sure to keep it to a few people you trust. If too many people know about your plan, chances are that your girlfriend will hear about it, too. This will do nothing but spoil the moment and ruin everything. Choose the people you confide in carefully. Keep the specifics of it all to yourself.

Sealing the deal with the one you love should be an unforgettable moment. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should do it front of a large crowd, with a sky banner, or broadcast it over the Internet. Keep in mind that the best gestures are those that reflect what you really feel. What matters most is that you speak from your heart and have a ring that embodies your true love.

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