Different Types of Tyres for Different Vehicles and Driving Conditions

Right Tyres for Different Driving ConditionsJust like there are different types of vehicles for every use or industry, there are also different types of tyres for every type of vehicle and purpose. Here is a short rundown of the most common tyres you may encounter on the road. These may vary in name or even construction based on where you live, but their general purpose remains the same.

Winter tyres

Countries that experience winter seasons spell quite a challenge for vehicles, particularly in how safe they are to drive. Winter tyres make it possible to drive safely even on snow, sleet, icy and wet roads. Their construction prioritises traction and durability when exposed to these conditions.

Summer tyres

For hot and humid weather, and for slightly wet but mostly dry roads, summer tyres are the best for driving. Their tread and traction work best in hot weather, but they are bad and even dangerous for driving when the cold season comes in. You can replace them with winter tyres before the first snow starts to fall.

All-season tyres

As the name suggests, these tyres are made for traction and comfort no matter what the weather. They are, however, not your best bet if you live in a region where the snow is heavy or the heat is extreme. They are great for countries that experience heat and rain at any time of the year.

Truck tyres

You can’t use car tyres on trucks and hope to enjoy a safe drive. Trucks are often heavier and typically go where cars can’t. They also need more traction, especially when negotiating steep climbs. There are different types of truck tyres too. For example, there are tyres for highway use. These make the truck more comfortable on good roads. There are also tyres that are puncture resistant. They are not built for comfort, but for utility and safety. They are useful, especially in construction areas where earthmoving vehicles are used. Such tyres are great for avoiding problems when the area is less than level and the earthmover is expected to drive over tough rocks and items that may puncture regular tyres.

Performance tyres

These tyres are graded for regular performance to competition level performance. Regular ones typically have more style and the feel of a performance car even if they are only fitted for a daily driver. The more actual performance the car is built for, the higher the grade of the performance tyres needed for control and stability at high speeds. Tyres used in Formula 1 racing, for example, are the highest type of competition tyres available.

It is important to know which tyres are best suited for your vehicle, your driving style and the country or the type of roads you often drive on. This matters not only for the look and feel, but for safety and stability while driving.

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