Creative Ideas to Improve Family Events with Pop-Up Tents

Pop up tentIt is common to bring pop-up tents to the park for a family picnic or to the beach for a fun day out. There are many kinds of pop-up tents, however, and these are also suitable for large gatherings and events.

As the name suggests, you simply need to pop-up the tent to set it up. Just properly position the tent’s frame and you can put the whole tent up. Companies like Zodiac Event Displays have different tent styles available for outdoor events.

Here are some suggestions on how you can use pop-up tents for family gatherings:

Wedding Receptions

There are pop-up tents perfect for weddings for housing anywhere from 50 to 500 guests. In some cases, you can even set up several pop-up tents around a main tent. The ceremony can happen inside the main tent and afterwards, guests can go to their tables which are inside the other tents.

Should there only be a few people present, go on ahead and choose a pop-up tent that can accommodate everyone. The poles of the tent can also double as stands for flowers and decorations. You can line the tents with gauze or satin, or just choose to have walled tents for security and privacy.

Games and Sports Events

What’s more fun than a day of fun and games with the family? You can have tents with open sides to allow free movement of people, or with walls to keep out the wind. Get the really large pop-up tents that you can put up within your property to have enough space for fun relays or group games.

Should you need it, don’t forget to have an elevated stage area within the tent. This is useful so that event hosts can efficiently manage the activities, give instructions and just help everyone have a good time.

Outdoor Barbeque

What’s a better occasion to enjoy the outdoors than with a good old-fashioned barbecue? You can even work with a theme, such as featuring food made from treasured family recipes, or a potluck. Food always goes well with family celebrations and with the fresh air and sunshine outdoors, your barbeque will be extra special. You won’t need to worry about the sun or a little rain from stopping the festivities when everyone’s comfortably seated at picnic tables under a pop-up tent.

Family gatherings are worth extra special touches. With pop-up event tents and a little creativity, your special occasions will definitely be memorable.

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